Garlic Sauteed Gnocchi Gluten Free

Garlic Sauteed Gnocchi

Take something old and make it something new!  That’s how I think of being gluten free.  So you are used to your same foods, and those things you like/love to eat most.  Take those same concepts and just alter them, or substitute them for gluten free items.  Like this above picture of gnocchi, I think most people are familiar with using gnocchi in sauces for a yummy flavor, but what about sauteing them for a new unique flavor?

I tend to look at being gluten free as just a new mind-set.  Take something I love and still make it, but better.  Now I can make it and it won’t make me feel like I am dying, hurt my stomach, or overall just make me feel horrible.  Just remember this, there is an alternative for every single thing gluten that you ate before.

I know I talk about this in almost every single blog, but being gluten free is not a death sentence.  Yes, there are some sacrifices we make to eat healthier, feel better, and help our body heal, but you do that for other things in life as well.

This week alone, I have talked to several mothers, wives, family members, kids, parents, adults, etc that have presented with some unusual symptoms and all relating to Celiac or gluten issues but none have been the usual symptoms that everyone is used to.  So just look at it as not everyone presents with the same disease with the same symptoms.  Just the way life works.  Doesn’t make it any less real, any less of a problem, or any less you!

Take small steps and make big strides!  It will get easier.  Take this super easy gnocchi recipe.  It is really good.  In fact I make 2 batches of the gnocchi at one time.  1 bag is just not enough!




1 bag of gluten free gnocchi  (My grocery store has gluten free/dairy free gnocchi in the frozen foods section…SO good).  I know making gnocchi is pretty easy, and I will attempt that next time.

7 fresh cloves of garlic minced

3-4 tbs of fresh basil or not

3 tbs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pinch of sea salt



1.  Make gnocchi as directed on package.  Usually you boil it in water with or without salt for 7 minutes until the gnocchi start to float.

2.  Remove gnocchi from the water and drain.

3.  Use a large saute pan and warm EVOO on medium high heat until the oil gets hot.

4.  Add the fresh minced garlic.  Watch the garlic carefully as it will brown fast.  You want to stir up the garlic and let it brown releasing all the garlic flavor, but not burn.

5.  Add the basil and a pinch of sea salt and mix together.

6.  Add the gnocchi and saute on medium high heat mixing the basil and garlic with the gnocchi.  Let it brown and turn them and cook until they are lightly browned on all sides.

7.  Serve hot!


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